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Dark Matter, which I had just started watching, was not renewed for a fourth season but Killjoys got a fourth and fifth (and final) season which does make me happy. There's so much world building in Killjoys, especially things that you didn't even notice until later on when other stuff is explained which always impresses me. It also features canon f/f, m/m, many POCs and had a large storyline which featured disabled actors playing disabled characters which is the kind of all encompassing diversity I definitely think is a trend that needs to be seen more often in mainstream media.

Unfortunately Stitchers, which I posted about several times, was cancelled as well, and on a rather big cliffhanger. *sigh*

The Midnight Texas finale will air this Monday. It's been a decent enough watch, but I'm not sure I'll care if there's a second season or not. (It's also possible it won't make sense for their to be another season, it kind of looks like it might be more of a 'television event' kind of thing rather than seasonal tv show.)

Yuletide is ramping up (nominations close soonish). I made my noms and am crossing my fingers one thing I nommed gets in (it's weird and rare and whether or not it's considered a fandom could be up for debate). One of the best things about yuletide is seeing the tagset and reading letters and discovering all sorts of new or forgotten fandoms. I doubt I'll be able to match the output I made last year, but I'm hoping to at least write my average of 10 fics or so. *crosses fingers*

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Sep. 7th, 2017 02:30 pm
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I was married on Monday! Had a lot of fun. Read more... )

Also, I'm moving next week! Just arranged to pick up packing boxes from the party store down the way. It's going to be such a good change, from the funny apartment-camping we've been doing in my little place in the sticks to the whole lower part of a house in town. In-home laundry for me for the first time since high school, hurrah!

I am well, a little emotionally exhausted. Distressed by the hurricanes and the DACA repeal; sad and afraid for the world. Also wanting to hide a bit; that was a lot of being open in front of people and frankly it feels like time to go down the hole. Not too bad, though. We're watching ATLA, which is always helpful, and I think things will stabilize muchly after the move.


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